Where to eat well and cheaply in Old Havana?

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You don’t need much to enjoy a good meal. When in Cuba on vacation it is important to know where to find inexpensive restaurants. In Old Havana, among many upscale restaurants, cafes and paladares you will discover that you can enjoy the Creole seasoning without spending much money on it. Travel and eat cheaply to the island is possible.

The first thing to do is find out if the house hosting you offers food service. This is an excellent option to taste homemade food, which are generally very well cooked and are not expensive (5-6 CUC or 125-150Cuban pesos).

If you are one of those who likes to follow the instructions of a tourist guide you should know that the first restaurants that appear in it are the most expensive; however in no case they are excessive for a middle-call tourist. Hanoi, for example, is a restaurant with average prices with a covered lounge and one outdoor, near the Capitol and there you can eat for about 4 euros apiece.

Cafe Havana is one of the most recognized and most economic Havana eaters. It is located in Mercaderes street corner with Amargura. Do not take fear of the crowd waiting, so you can sample tasty fried eggs to the nest for a small price of 8 Cuban pesos, soups including cream cheese for 6 pesos, fried chicken at 11 pesos and steak pork with fries for 15 pesos.

The Mesón de la flota, meanwhile, is a kind of tavern that specializes in Iberian cuisine and features a dance and flamenco music. Old Town Square is located in Mercaderes street no. 57 between Teniente Rey (Brasil) and Amargura. This is another economic option we suggest. On this site are highly demanded chickpeas, squids and tortillas.

Behind large billboards or almost anonymous light signs you will also find menus of remarkable quality, although not very good presentation. Only for 1 CUC (25 or 30 Cuban pesos) they serve you in a cupboard box rice and beans, meat (pork steak, fish, fricassees or fried chicken ...), root crops and vegetables. Also you will find sandwiches, pizzas, spaghetti, hamburgers you can buy between 10 and 20 pesos. These sites will let you know the reality of the normal Cuba and Havana residents

Here are some samples of what you will find in the streets of Havana. What is relevant is that you know all the alternatives on hand before your trip and have the possibility of adventure in this beautiful Caribbean island.

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