What to do in Old Havana in two days?

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Discover the beauty of Old Havana. In just two days you will learn the highlights of the capital of Cuba, reason why it was honored in 2013 with the Travellers' Choice Award as one top ten destinations in the Caribbean. Seductive with its nostalgic look including classic cars of the forties, colonial architecture, majestic forts and cobbled streets; intermingles art galleries, shops and bars.

If you think you will not have enough time to see everything, at least you need to know the most interesting places. Do not skimp on price and enjoy a ride in a convertible car.

Spend the first hour on your breakfast, which will facilitate you to have enough energy to discover the secrets of the city on foot. The main streets of Old Havana are Obispo, Oficios, O'Reilly and Mercaderes. There, you can find museums, palaces and buildings of great architectural value. Obispo is the busiest and the most commercial, there can buy a souvenir and enjoy a daiquiri in El Floridita. Most restaurants in the area are entertained by traditional music bands with repertoire of renowned Cuban musicians like Jose Antonio Mendez, César Portillo de la Luz, or Pepe Sanchez.

Visiting Old Havana and not getting to its square is impossible, so we suggest in your itinerary to leave some room for them. You have the choice between the Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza de Armas, Plaza de San Francisco de Asis and Old Town Square. At Cathedral Square, for example, there are one of the most beautiful mansions built in the eighteenth century that were family homes to Havana´s nobility: the Palace of the Marquis de Arcos, the house of the Counts of Casa Bayona, which is today the Museum of Colonial Art and the mansion of the Marquis de Aguas Claras. If you can, stop at the Cathedral.

Then, spend a pleasant evening in a Havana restaurant. Many prefer Doña Eutimia, a few steps from the Cathedral Square; others will Ivan chef Justo, next to the Museum of the Revolution; while lovers of the Malecón (the seawall promenade) choose to enjoy California, a colonial restaurant with great atmosphere. If you are near the Capitol you have excellent choices: Los Nardos, El Asturianito, and El Trofeo (Los Nardos, though more expensive, is the most recommended for its ambiance, quality of food and service).

We suggest a second day with a little more cultural taste. On a visit to Old Havana you should not skip going to museums. If you want to know the history of Cuba, do not forget to get to the Museum of the Revolution. In this palace former dictator Fulgencio Batista had an office and in the neighboring building you can see the Granma yacht in which Fidel and his comrades reached the island in 1956.

Some notable buildings are the Bacardí, the Museum of Chocolate, Asia House, the Museum Jose Lezama Lima, the Payret cinema, the Palace Museum of the General Captains, the Museum of Arms, The Temple and the Fine arts National Museum. Do not have to go to all of them, you just choose which one to know. And you have a chance on other trips.

Finally, enjoy a mojito in the Bodeguita del Medio and get some rest for when night falls, go dancing at a club in Havana: Tropicana, Parisien, Casa de la Musica, Salon Rosado ... After this I assure you, you will have much to tell.

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