Tourist places in Old Havana

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Many describe as mysterious the magic that permeates Old Havana: these cannot explain it; but they like it. Tourists, who have visited on multiple occasions, proudly display the reasons for returning. Sometimes they cite the ease with which you have to dress when have decided to plan the morning tour of the cultural area of ​​the Capital.

If you are someone seeking what is attractive in Old Havana: wear shorts, comfortable shoes, light backpack, sunglasses and start this adventurous trip So, when you do it you will not really miss the riches of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There will be, then, no pretexts such as fatigue or heat

Suggesting a single route would not be right because this depends on your tastes, your habits, or changes you intend to make on this holiday. For example, if you choose the arts you can enjoy colonial Havana, architectural jewel under restoration: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Museum), El Capitolio (exact copy of the one in Washington DC, USA), the Museum of the Revolution (where the Granma boat that took Fidel to Cuba is) and the Cathedral (representation of the Baroque in Cuba with obvious eclectic influence).

Excellent options at night time it is attending the cannonball shot of Havana: the Morro Castle stands proudly at the entrance of the bay and next to it you will see the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress where every night at nine, you can witness the ceremony cannonball shot with soldiers dressed in the style of King Charles III. You shouldn’t miss that chance.

Obispo (Bishop) Street is one of the best options for shopping lovers. In this busy artery atmosphere it is bustling and city like pace is imposed by the passage of pedestrians and street proposals, outside shops, clothing, shoes, handicrafts, furniture, cell phones, old books, paintings commercial art ... to summarize, you will find there anything you can think of. Take advantage and pick up a souvenir.

Those who come to Cuba with his family could alternate between a visit to the Planetarium and the Plaza de las Palomas; and an excess of jams in the House of Chocolate. They should also consider a ride in horse-drawn carriage or a luxury car from the 50s. For those who just love wandering around, meanwhile, we recommend you follow the steps of Ernest Hemingway: a mojito in the Bodeguita del Medio and Daiquiri in the Floridita; or maybe go to the Plaza Vieja and have a beer freshly made at the factory.

In one corner, you might have your attention drawn to the loud music coming out of the horn of a rickshaw, or a statue that moves (street performance): they are the complement of a controversial, colorful and adventurous city.

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