La Bodeguita del Medio classiest Cuban restaurant

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Anyone who has heard the phrase My mojito in La Bodeguita, My daiquiri in El Floridita when arriving in Cuba seeks those places that attracted Ernest Hemingway so much. On the walls of the Bodeguita del Medio the American writer immortalized a simple drink prepared with Cuban rum, sugar, mint leaves and lemon juice; with a good balance between acid, sweet and aromatic. Many are those who daily come to this place to dance are the beat of a traditional band and appreciate the qualities of this Creole drink.

On the island it was natural to find trattorias and small pubs evrywhere. This, unlike the others, was in the middle of the street so the public christened with that name after the change of function: from a grocery store to a restaurant. The menu is typical Cuban food: rice as the base of the dish, the main dish (pork ham, ground pork or chicken, pork roast pork in juice), salads (beans, carrot, cucumber , tomatoes) and root vegetables (fried plantains, fried plantains, cassava and seasons) and beverages (specialized in cocktails).

It could well be an excellent experience to take home a recipe that has left so much to talk about in the world and that is the queen of any party. Simply get to Empedrado No. 307 e / Cuba and San Ignacio. Be swept away by the flow of people walking the streets of Old Havana.

Hemingway was not the only one who was seduced by the Cuban cocktail; Gabriela Mistral, Agustin Lara, Pablo Neruda, Nicolas Guillen, Carlos Mastronardi also saw the need to become customers of the establishment. Everyone who gets there becomes "friends of the house" immediately.

This Bodeguita del Medio, the Cuban one, was the first; and the voice has been heard far: establishments with the same name exist in different parts of the world (Argentina, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Germany, England or Spain).

Do not wait till someone tells you about it, experience for yourself the taste of the Caribbean in Cuba.

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