Cuban Dancing Classes


The courses will be orchestrated in three levels: Beginner, intermission and advanced. In each other of them the student will be able to choose if he wishes to take the kinds of individual way or in a group, time and the frequency of the lessons. The above will allow you combining of optimal way its dance classes with the other activities foreseen during its journey to Havana. We count on qualified professors, that the Cubans dominate the techniques of all traditional the dances and They have a formidable experience in the art of teaching. Classes will be able to be given as much in the Spanish language as in the one of Englishman.

The organization of the courses will be based on the individual needs of the students, taking her knowledge into account and abilities. The customer will always dance with the professor assigned from the beginnings, either in a group or place mat, in this way they will exploit to the full his capacities.

The sauce is the expression of the taste Cuban. In our country he has an only way to get out of place, she fed on other rhythms like rumba, the cha-cha-cha, the melody and the mambo. For these reasons, learning salsa in Havana, Cuba is an only experience, will not only be learning dance, it will also be walking away with I get a small piece from culture Cuban: The history of her people, the musical tradition and would dance, the folklore, the sensuality of the motion, the originality of the colors and the picturesqueness of the environments.

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